Helios, A Hero? – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Here we have another piece of verse from A.D., our resident poet at Rebel Voice. In this offering, the author ponders the possible salvation that daylight can bring to those in despair. The darkness may not only be around us, but in us, as victims or perpetrators. But is sunlight sufficient to dispel the terrors of the night?


Helios, a Hero?

Does daylight bring redemption

from night-time’s hidden sins

does sunlight burn the guilt away

to cleanse the soul within

or does it mask the dark desires

that torture feeble minds

to swath in shadows gangrenous thoughts

that consume hearts in time

can it free the innocence

from chains the twilight brings

release the uncorrupted joy

from whence the terror springs

banish shades of ignorance

layers of deep despair

illuminate sweet hope once more.

Can it answer whispered prayers?


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