New Russian Armoured Attack Boat – Combat Approved (With Poetic Parody)

The Russians Are Coming

The Russians are coming, they’re in your head.

The Russians are coming, they’re under your bed.

They’ll steal your wives and rape your cattle

And eat your beef and win online battles

And buy your malls and wreck your cars

And burn your flags and close your bars

And ban TV and shoot your dogs

And stomp your kittens and rape your hogs

And crap in your toilets and never flush

With balls so big your wives will be crushed.

The Russians are coming. Hide and pray

That they’ll only visit and decide not to stay.

Or Trump will be King, Ivanka his Queen.

And orange the colour of all that you dream.


Well OK then… the Russians must be coming. The following video looks at the newest armoured attack craft in the Russian navy. If you should ever see one of these vehicles ploughing down the Hudson, with Slavic heads poking over the gunwales, then you will know that the Russian shit has hit the fan and Trump will be getting sized for a purple robe for his coronation.

There’s a lot of hype about the Russians. They are the eternal bogeyman for too many in the USA. It’s convenient for the military-industrial complex to have such an adversary as it allows them to encourage greater military spending all paid for by the public. But, in reality, and no matter what those Wolverines will tell you, the Russians are not coming. The USA is in no danger of invasion from those pesky Ruskies. A greater threat to the US is coming from the rogue state of Israel and its international plots which will see the US dragged into further wars.

Of course, you’ll never hear that from the US MSM as they are in thrall to Zionism…

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