The Lobby – USA – Episode 4 – Media, Scams And Zionist Control

In this final episode of the ground-breaking series that has exposed the malign influence of Zionism in the United States, ‘Tony’, the undercover reporter, meets with American personnel working for the Israeli consulate in New York and learns of their underhanded roles in working for Israel. It becomes apparent during conversations and symposiums that the […]

Patti Smith, Massive Attack, Viggo Mortensen among 70+ artists demanding free speech on Palestine — Artists for Palestine UK

The full length version of the letter affirms that, ‘Boycotts which are anchored in universal human rights and aimed at achieving justice for marginalized and oppressed communities are a legitimate nonviolent tactic. They have been used worldwide, including against apartheid in South Africa and the Jim Crow segregation laws in the United States.’ via Patti Smith, […]

Ireland: A special case of Palestine solidarity — Mondoweiss

In the face of Israel’s well-funded campaign against supporters of Palestine and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), Ireland remains a relatively comfortable base for conducting Palestine solidarity campaigns. In other countries pro-Palestine activists have been put under pressure and many universities have successfully silenced such activism by firing pro-Palestine professors (such as Steven Salaita and… via […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Celebrities In Israel

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
This edition of the popular Rebel Voice series casts a cold eye upon those notable Western performers and actors who have supported Israel by their visits to that particular part of Palestine. Some have also performed there, whilst a few have been spotted hob-nobbing with known war criminals from the…

Gideon Levy On Apartheid In Palestine And Israeli Colonialism

Gideon Levy is an Israeli political commentator and columnist in the moderate Jerusalem based newspaper, Haaretz. He is a constant critic of Israel and its oppressive policies. In this interview with Max Blumenthal, Levy speaks of the unhealthy relationship that exists between Israel and the US. Levy questions the influence of Israel upon US foreign […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – StandWithUs

The following video gives an introduction to the rabid Zionist organisation, StandWithUs, also known as Israel Emergency Alliance. Although this video is vile propaganda spewed out by the group, it also serves the purpose of fully revealing the sordid agenda of StandWithUs. This video is essential viewing for all pro-Palestinians who wish to know their […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – James Caan

James Caan was born, 26th March, 1940, in the Bronx district of New York. He is the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany. He studied acting as a young man before getting his start off-Broadway. Since then, Caan has starred in many well known and critically acclaimed movies. Getting straight to the point, Caan has […]

You’re Anti-Semitic If…

As Zionism is an ideology based upon the concept of hiding the truth from the world, whilst simultaneously spreading lies and deceiving the people, Rebel Voice has decided to confront just one of the nasty tactics employed by Israel and supporters of the rogue Zionist state. Today, when a person steps forward to condemn the […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Ryan Kavanaugh, Hollywood Producer

  In the Know Your Zionist Enemy series, Rebel Voice is looking at those in Hollywood, and the wider entertainment industry, who are strongly Zionist. As movies and TV can be utilized as propaganda, and as such mediums are used in this way by Zionists, it can be considered of paramount importance to identify those […]

Why Was Monty Python Anti-Zionist Scene Cut From The Life Of Brian?

For all fans of Monty Python, and Rebel Voice is but one, this is a special treat. Anyone who has watched The Life Of Brian will remember the crack suicide squad who appeared at the end of the movie when Brian was on the cross. They promptly killed themselves for no apparent reason other than they were […]