New Zealand BDS Activists Ignore Israeli Demands And Give Money To Those Suffering In Gaza Instead

When two BDS activists from New Zealand managed to convince the music star, Lorde, that playing in Israel would be immoral, they incurred the wrath of the Israeli regime. This has led to a court action in Israel against the pair of humanitarians and a subsequent Zionist demand that they pay $12,000 in ‘damages’. Fortunately for justice, an Israeli judgement cannot be enforced outside of that corrupt political entity. The two activists instead raised $23,000 in a crowd fund appeal which they will now donate to mental health charities in Palestine.

The entire episode demonstrates the toxic nature of the Israeli state. It also highlights their growing desperation at the undoubted success of the peaceful BDS movement. From New Zealand to the US to Europe and South Africa, the campaign to protect the lives and human rights of the people of Palestine is unstoppable. Sadly, as Israel starts to feel the pinch evermore tightly from the international community, we will see Zionism deploy even more draconian measures to oppose it. The supporters of the child-killers of Israel will lose.

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