Orcas Hunting Seals On Beach

The following clip demonstrates the great intelligence and ingenuity of Orca whales in their hunt for sustenance. Yes, seals look cute and cuddly to us, but in the natural world that means little. They are food for predators who seek to survive and feed their own. C’est la vie.

Rebel Voice recalls watching a documentary about how the video featuring the Orcas hunting along the beaches was filmed. A cameraman, wearing a neoprene suit, lay on the beach beside the seals with his camera at the ready. He was able to capture astounding images of the Orcas as they beached themselves to catch the seals. It’s easy to overlook the lengths that cameramen, and women, go to in their dedication to getting the best shot.

The entire idea of whales coming onto land is sensational. It also might give us some insight into why some creatures left the seas eons ago for a life on terra firma. Lucky for us that they did.

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