Orcas Hunting Seals On Beach

The following clip demonstrates the great intelligence and ingenuity of Orca whales in their hunt for sustenance. Yes, seals look cute and cuddly to us, but in the natural world that means little. They are food for predators who seek to survive and feed their own. C’est la vie. Rebel Voice recalls watching a documentary […]

Elephant Seals – Territorial Giants

When Rebel Voice first saw the photo that accompanies this article, we thought that it was one of those mock-ups that are so prevalent online. It’s not. It’s very real. Elephant Seals truly are that huge. Usually, these massive creatures are to be seen lounging on beaches with their own kind, grunting and shagging and […]

Great White (Deep Blue) Hunts For Elephant Seals

Steven Spielberg has a lot to answer for. His film, Jaws, scared the bejesus out of a generation of movie-goers. Rebel Voice wonders just how many people became afraid of the sea having seen that impossibly huge shark rip swimmers to shreds. As dangerous as Great Whites undoubtedly are, attacks on people are a rarity […]

Polar Bear Ambushes Seal

Life in the Arctic is a tough station. As the ice melts – and it is melting, regardless of what Trump says – conditions become even more difficult for the Polar Bear. These wonderful creatures depend upon the ice sheets for their prey, the seal. If the ice sheets disappears, then the seals will disappear […]

Killer Whales Knock Seals Off Ice

In this short clip, we see the tactics used by Orcas to take seals off ice floats in the Antarctic. The thought and skill involved is testament to just how intelligent these wonderful animals really are. It’s surely a crying shame that humans still hunt whales for food, as we really do not yet understand […]

Killer Whales Hunt Seal lions on Beach

This is a fascinating clip from the BBC documentary, Trials of Life. It takes a look at the methods employed by Orcas (Killer Whales) when hunting seal lions, otherwise known as dinner. David Attenborough narrates perfectly in his dulcet tones as we witness Orcas beaching themselves to catch the unfortunate mammals on land. It’s a […]