Great White (Deep Blue) Hunts For Elephant Seals

Steven Spielberg has a lot to answer for. His film, Jaws, scared the bejesus out of a generation of movie-goers. Rebel Voice wonders just how many people became afraid of the sea having seen that impossibly huge shark rip swimmers to shreds.

As dangerous as Great Whites undoubtedly are, attacks on people are a rarity and take place in areas where the creatures are prevalent. In other words, people know the dangers and enter the water anyway. Can’t blame the shark for that.

In the following video we get a close look at Deep Blue, one of the most famous Great Whites on the planet. It’s an intriguing view of one of the most ferocious predators around. Just remember, though, sharks hunt for specific and easily understood reasons. Humans don’t. So which species produces the greater monsters?

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