Diving With Bull Sharks – Crazy Video Footage

Bull sharks eat people. They also eat just about anything else and have been recorded as having swum up the Zambezi River to attack hippos. You have to be a serious badass to attack the massive river pig. When captured, car registration plates have been removed from their guts. It would make you wonder why […]

6 Gill Sharks Attack Submarine

So, the six-gill shark is on the prowl. As these brutes can grow to about 26 feet long, you would be forgiven for being worried, especially as they can be found off Irish coasts – but way off Irish coasts. You see, the ole six-gill likes to live at depths, usually between 180-1100 m down. […]

Great White (Deep Blue) Hunts For Elephant Seals

Steven Spielberg has a lot to answer for. His film, Jaws, scared the bejesus out of a generation of movie-goers. Rebel Voice wonders just how many people became afraid of the sea having seen that impossibly huge shark rip swimmers to shreds. As dangerous as Great Whites undoubtedly are, attacks on people are a rarity […]

Top 10 Savage Animal Rivalries

There are many famous animal rivalries. Mongoose and cobra, lion and hyena, politician and law court. We gaze in awe as they battle, often to the death, reenacting a rite of the natural world that may be horrific to us, but is part and parcel of living on this planet. The following presentation looks at […]

7 Most Dangerous Beaches – Natural Threats

This brief list covers some of the beaches where visitors will most likely encounter natural dangers such as sharks, jellyfish and underwater snakes to name but a few. The list does not cover beaches in war-zones which are much more dangerous, due to the idiocy of some humans. It does, however, cover a pollution hotspot […]