Diving With Bull Sharks – Crazy Video Footage

Bull sharks eat people. They also eat just about anything else and have been recorded as having swum up the Zambezi River to attack hippos. You have to be a serious badass to attack the massive river pig. When captured, car registration plates have been removed from their guts. It would make you wonder why anyone would want to swim in the same sea as them, let alone close enough to touch these brutes. People are crazy sometimes.

The video today gives us a closer look at one of the most formidable predators in the seas and oceans of our planet. It should be noted that Bull sharks can function in either salt or fresh water, which makes them especially dangerous to humans as they travel up rivers where people play unawares. In the US, Bull sharks have been blamed for killing youths in a river near Boston.

Perhaps the footage shown may make you look at these super-predators in a whole new light. Rebel Voice hopes that the monitor is as close as you get.

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