US Security Contractors Tasked With Caging Immigrant Children

It’s a story that won’t and shouldn’t go away. Immigrant children taken from their parents by US Federal agents and housed in dorms, tens and cages. They are moved around the country without their parents knowing where they are at. Some are toddlers. The danger is not just physical, it is also emotional and psychological. The young victims are being traumatized by the Federal system of the United States.

The US regime simply refuses to do the right thing and reunite the youngest children with their families. Instead, the tears of those little ones are being used to moisturize the bloated orange countenance of the United States’ newest Supreme Leader.

Now, it has emerged that outside contractors are being employed to transport and imprison the children. Regulations are being broken as the young become part of an industry with substantial profits. If an independent investigation was conducted, it would be found that those who benefit from those contracts are all supporters of the current White House incumbent.

The circumstances that the immigrant children find themselves in is reminiscent of the entire prison system in the US. Incarceration has become a major industry and private companies make a fortune from continuing the imprisonment of the populace. There is no incentive for prisons to release their captives, even if they are guilty of only minor offences. The judicial system then becomes a well-oiled conduit for shipping more ‘chattel’ into the facilities. It’s a production-line mechanism for reaping huge financial rewards for some, destroyed lives for too many others.

When profit becomes the foremost concern, as it always is in Capitalism, then good people will eventually suffer. That is exactly what is happening with the children of those immigrants unfortunate enough to have been detained by the US Federal machine. The young then become a means for making money for the greedy and immoral, and greater profits can be made if corners are cut. This is already happening as you will see from the following video.

It’s OK to be angry. A conscience demands it.

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