6 Gill Sharks Attack Submarine

So, the six-gill shark is on the prowl. As these brutes can grow to about 26 feet long, you would be forgiven for being worried, especially as they can be found off Irish coasts – but way off Irish coasts. You see, the ole six-gill likes to live at depths, usually between 180-1100 m down. That’s a long way from the pasty white limbs of Irish citizens as they frollick in the sea on that one day a year when the water won’t chill your precious bits off.

The six-gill, also known as a bluntnose, tends to eat shrimp, seal crabs, squid and other sharks. Homo Sapiens are not on the menu. They can be dangerous if provoked, but then 180m is a far way to go to pick a fight with a big shark. In the following video, we see some people who apparently did just that. The scientists in the sub in this footage got more than they bargained for when encountering a six-gill. It’s a laugh to hear their excitement as the shark hits their vehicle. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Happy nerds are a joy to behold. In the audio, you can even hear the fear in their voices. Now that’s entertainment.

Note: no animals were harmed in the making of this video, including the human kind.

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