The Lobby – USA – Episode 4 – Media, Scams And Zionist Control

In this final episode of the ground-breaking series that has exposed the malign influence of Zionism in the United States, ‘Tony’, the undercover reporter, meets with American personnel working for the Israeli consulate in New York and learns of their underhanded roles in working for Israel. It becomes apparent during conversations and symposiums that the Zionist movement is obsessed with the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) organisation and is hell-bent on countering and eventually destroying BDS.

Israel, it seems, now realizes that BDS might have the same effect on the Zionist state that a similar boycott campaign had on the Apartheid regime of South Africa during the eighties. The pro-Israelis are becoming increasingly desperate as BDS gains momentum. Therefore, in order to discredit BDS, Zionism has sought to recruit black Americans. Their deceptive tactics have failed as black America stands evermore solidly behind Palestinians in their quest for human rights. Black Lives Matter has repeatedly expressed its solidarity with Palestine.

The general US Zionist movement is shown to be a corporate behemoth that throws vast sums of money into their nefarious strategies. It becomes clear, however, during this documentary, that Zionism has little grass-roots support and so must pay for ‘activists’ to astro-turf events. It’s both enlightening and shocking to see how pro-Israelis will stoop to any lows to hoodwink the public into believing that Israel has major support and is a morally sound entity.

Episode 4 also delves into the world of the US media and the influence that Zionists exert in that sector. Israel knows that the truth must be smothered or the US people will react aggressively to Zionist brutality. Control of the flow of information is one of the most crucial aspects of the Zionist campaign. The internet has hurt this once sole domain of pro-Israelis to the point where Zionists are frantically moving to close down any independent media outlets that tell it as it is. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are among those corporations assisting in this.

This documentary series provides very revealing insight into the myriad battles that are being fought across various areas within US society and political life. It is essential viewing for anyone who wishes to understand what is really going on there. It is the kind of program that will make the rogue Israeli state shudder, and that is to be welcomed.

Episode 3 can be viewed here:

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  1. Thank you for sharing the series… I have no idea how I missed out on the earlier ones that you posted… spreading the word is the least we can do and let the masses choose which side of the divide between truth and falsehood they wish to stand on.

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