The Lobby – USA – Episode 3 – Zionist Schemes And Twisted Dreams

Following on from episodes 1 and 2, Rebel Voice is pleased to present part 3 of the groundbreaking documentary that reveals the shady world of Israeli scheming in all its dark and malign majesty in the United States of America.

The first two shows in this 4 part series demonstrated the dirty tactics used by the pro-Israel lobby to discredit those who would support Palestinian human rights, as well as their methods for ensuring that the US taxpayer continues to fund the Zionist entity in the Middle East, even as citizens of the US suffer from a lack of government investment.

In this episode, ‘Tony’, the undercover reporter heading the investigation, finds out about the money behind such shady groups as Canary Mission and The Israel Project. It’s revealed that Adam Milstein, a convicted felon, is responsible for providing funding for both.

The program looks at more of the smear tactics employed by the pro-Israel lobby as they desperately try to stop the public from learning the truth about the Palestine Crisis. Personalized attacks become the norm as rabid Zionists plot to counter the effects of the non-violent Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement.

It is staggering to see the lengths that the pro-Israel lobby will go to to prevent the truth from emerging. They deliberately lie about humanitarian groups and make false connections between them and Hamas to traduce and destroy them in the eyes of the American public. The sums of money available for groups such as StandWithUs, AIPAC, World Zionist Congress, The David Project, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Israel on Campus Coalition and Media Watch International – to name but a few – is beyond comprehension. These Zionist clusters appear to be little more than nefarious cabals with extremely deep pockets and little in the way of morality, who ply their supremacist wares across the US to an unsuspecting people.

Those on the receiving line of the aggressive strategies of such pro-Israeli projects include American students, academics, celebrities and members of charitable organisations. Israel is accepted as a dirty entity and it can be seen that its supporters fight equally dirty. The achievements of this documentary series are remarkable. But will the mainstream media take heed? Will they highlight the devious and immoral behaviour of Zionists now that clear evidence has been presented?

Given the silence of the MSM thus far, even as The Lobby series is shown across the world via the internet, we can see how the conspiracy to protect the rogue state of Israel continues unabated. Rebel Voice wonders what it will take to finally break the unethical control that Zionism has upon the media of this world.

Episodes 1 and 2 can be viewed here:

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