The Lobby – USA – Episode 2 – Israeli Interference In US Society Exposed In Covert Documentary

Following on from Episode 1 of this excellent undercover documentary series, Rebel Voice is please to present the second instalment. The covert reporter from before has already exposed the ways in which corporate Zionism has sought to influence and control opinions on the campuses of US universities. We have seen how groups such as AIPAC and StandWithUs fund shady pressure groups on college campuses. In this explosive second program, viewers are given further insight into the methods employed by AIPAC, which is the second largest lobby group in the United States (after the NRA).

At a time when the US media, and political parties, are screaming about suspected Russian involvement in the running of the nation and its elections, we are now given evidence of the myriad ways in which the state of Israel is exerting not only influence, but control, upon the senators and congressmen and women of the US. It’s a shocking revelation but one long known by humanitarian activists with a keen eye.

As Israel has been receiving special favours from US political circles for decades, including the granting of US taxpayers money for the purchase of weapons systems, this exposé helps us to better understand why such an inexplicable agreement has been reached. As one commentator in the program states, ‘Congressmen don’t do anything unless you pressure them, and the only way to do that is with money.’

So we can see how nothing gets done in Washington unless money is paid, and Zionist corporations and lobby groups have the funds necessary to buy politicians. Israel is effectively purchasing a successful outcome for its agenda, an agenda which means the destruction of the Palestinian people and their country, and the expansion of the Zionist policy of Liebensraum. All of this is being achieved at the expense of the US public who fund Israel which then provides kickbacks to the Congressmen/women and Senators of the United States via its proxies.

Events take an even darker turn for the undercover reporter, identified only as ‘Tony’, when he is asked to infiltrate pro-Palestinian groups and report back to the Zionists. The pro-Israelis have no idea that they have just asked a pro-Palestinian to spy on pro-Palestinians. It makes for gripping TV.

So, relax, have a cuppa, and watch the devious ploys used by Zionism to counter humanitarian efforts to defend human rights and lives. This documentary is certain to assist anyone who wishes to better understand the truth about what is really going on in the Palestine Crisis.

Episode 1 can be viewed here:

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