Orcas Hunting Seal Lion

Yep, it’s true, Rebel Voice just can’t stay away from Orcas. Is it a fixation? A fascination? An obsession? Piss off and stop picking on this site (Rebel Voice is feeling oppressed right now). It’s none of those unfortunate psychological aliments. It’s merely an appreciation for one of the most intelligent creatures on our planet.

Orcas are social beings at the top of the food chain. No other predator on the earth, bar homo sapiens, is as capable at hunting as Orcas. You may find their targets cute and cuddly. You may look at their methods and squirm with discomfort. But there is no doubt that Orcas are impressive.

In this footage, we see how these regal assassins hunt and kill sea lions, not the ones who balance balls on their snouts for your entertainment and look crazy with happiness but are really suffering under human foolishness, but the ones who hunt and ruthlessly kill penguins. Thought that would change your opinion of seal lions…

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