Orcas Held Captive – 5 Reasons Why Its Unethical – Your View?

Let the site of Rebel Voice state a strongly held opinion, clearly and without ambiguity. There should be no use, abuse, or killing of cetaceans, ever. Whales, porpoises and dolphins are highly intelligent creatures. We do not know exactly how clever they are. We judge them, as we do with other animals, by human standards. […]

Orcas Hunting Seal Lion

Yep, it’s true, Rebel Voice just can’t stay away from Orcas. Is it a fixation? A fascination? An obsession? Piss off and stop picking on this site (Rebel Voice is feeling oppressed right now). It’s none of those unfortunate psychological aliments. It’s merely an appreciation for one of the most intelligent creatures on our planet. […]

Killer Whales Knock Seals Off Ice

In this short clip, we see the tactics used by Orcas to take seals off ice floats in the Antarctic. The thought and skill involved is testament to just how intelligent these wonderful animals really are. It’s surely a crying shame that humans still hunt whales for food, as we really do not yet understand […]