BDS – How The International Boycott Is Effecting Israel

With the recent decision by Airbnb to pull out of Israeli squatter compounds, and the news that it has generated, we can again see how the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement is making steady gains in combating the Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and other abuses of the Israeli state against Palestinians.

The Israeli regime claims that BDS is making no difference. They try to appear nonchalant to the effects that BDS is having. But it’s their official reaction to the existence of BDS that gives lie to their protestations. The Zionist entity is fighting desperately to shut down BDS. They are waging war on campuses across the US against both the student body and faculty. The Israeli government, and its agencies in the USA and beyond, are agitating fanatically within political circles in an effort to stem the flow of support that has emerged for Palestinian human rights. They are employing every trick in the book to stop BDS. They are failing.

The recent Al Jazeera documentary series called The Lobby – USA, has exposed the lengths that the Zionist machine will go to in an immoral attempt to prevent free speech and demonstration. The walls appear to be closing in on the Israeli regime. The following video looks at the ways in which BDS is hurting the Apartheid state of Israel.

For some thorough insight into the methods employed by Zionism to manipulate public and political opinion in the US, the following links are invaluable:

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