Polar Bears Spar For Sport

As winter approaches the northern hemisphere, and has reached places within the arctic circle (where Santa lives), Rebel Voice has decided to remind you of some of those creatures who look forward to this time of year – besides retailers that is.

Polar Bears need wintertime to survive. The ice sheets provide them with platforms for hunting. Summer pickings are slim for this one-of-the-largest of terrestrial carnivores and so Polar Bears congregate and await the arrival of the cold and dark. Understandably, seals are not so overjoyed as they are on the menu.

In this footage, we get to see younger Polar Bears as they wrestle and spar to establish a pecking order for the future. It’s all fun and games at this stage. But, further down the line, these bears may be fighting each other to the death for food and mates. Place your bets, please.

(Headline photo by Eva Blue courtesy of Unsplash)

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