Know Your Zionist Enemy – James Caan

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James Caan was born, 26th March, 1940, in the Bronx district of New York. He is the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany. He studied acting as a young man before getting his start off-Broadway. Since then, Caan has starred in many well known and critically acclaimed movies.

Getting straight to the point, Caan has stated:

‘I’m very pro-Israel, and I can’t like anybody who isn’t,’

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(James Caan playing with automatic weapons with Israeli colonial squatters in Gush Etzion, an illegal squat in the Occupied West bank)

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(James Caan and his son with Israeli squatters and paramilitaries)

During his 2016 tour of the rogue state of Israel, James ‘Zionist’ Caan, best known for his role as tough guy Santino Corleone in The Godfather, toured illegal Israeli squats in the West Bank and urged Israel not to return to its pre-1967 lines.

‘The European and American demands to return to the 1967 borders — aren’t sensible, and I object strongly to those demands,’ he said.

After receiving a no doubt biased and inaccurate overview of the local history, Caan said he was taken aback by the number of tourist sites in the area, and added that he was ‘amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of Gush Etzion, the resilience of the people who live here and I express my full support for all who live in the land of Israel.’

This Zionist thug has also stated that, ‘I feel such a strong connection to Israel. If Israel is at war, then I’m at war…’

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It was on his well publicized visit to the rogue Zionist state in 2016 (partially paid for by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism) that Caan met with the war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu and his consort Sara. Caan gushed at Netanyahu that the visit has strengthened his spiritual connection to Israel. ‘I’m waiting for my mandatory draft paper for the IDF, I’m willing to fight for this country,’ said Caan. ‘Whenever this country suffers, I suffer with it.’

Clearly, neither Caan nor Israel are suffering enough. The same cannot be said for the indigenous people of Palestine.

In this Zionist propaganda video, Caan waxes lyrical about the rogue state and its Prime Minister, Netanyahu.

When questioned about Israel and any anti-Zionism that may exist in Hollywood, Caan gave a response to the following question that might shed light upon the tactics employed by Zionists. This particular ploy is one where anti-Judaism is closely interwoven with anti-Zionism in an attempt to deflect criticism of Israel and its continuing war crimes and breaches of international law.

Interviewer:  The entertainment world seems to be divided between those who travel to Israel and those who won’t. Did anyone ask you not to visit Israel?

James Caan: They would have gotten punched in the face. No, I don’t hang around with anti-Semites if that’s what you mean and I don’t know any. And if I did, I’d punch them in the face.

When James Caan speaks about ‘anti-Semites’, he can be understood to be referring to those who have a conscience and oppose the horror that is Israel. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that there are many in our world who would enjoy it if James Caan was to try to punch them in the face. It would give millions an excuse to kick the living shit out of him, even if he is aged. We live in hope. And he’s certainly full of shit.

Boycott James Caan

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