Natalie Portman/Genesis Story Deepens As Netanyahu Comes Under Attack

Jewish Insider has continued investigating what was actually behind Natalie Portman’s decision not to attend the Israeli Genesis Prize ceremony – a decision which made headlines last month, when the Genesis Foundation issued a press release, as if on her behalf, saying that “[r]ecent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she…

via Genesis Prize threw Natalie Portman under the bus to protect Netanyahu — Mondoweiss

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  1. This discussion is far more complex than the actual conflict itself. The Palestinians have been, and continuing to be ethnically cleansed and discriminated against in the most barbaric way. The reason people in the public eye are not enthusiastic about condemning Israel in the manner of Roger Waters or Norman Finkelstein, is because it has been the surest way to destroy one’s own career. Clearly, in Mr Waters case, financial concerns are not as important as the compelling reasons to expose the wicked behaviour of the Israeli regime. I understand that Mr Finkelstein has suffered severe financial repercussions since the heinous Derschowitz (allegedly) brought to an end his mainstream educational status. What would most of us do, given a similar decision with such profound personal consequences?
    Seeing as I don’t have a reputation exposed to such public scrutiny, I can’t pretend to be able to ‘risk everything’ for (even) the most honourable causes.
    Do I fear being labelled an anti Semite (when I know I don’t hate anyone based on their religious, ethnic or national background)? Yes, I suppose I do but the rate at which critics of Israel are being smeared by pro Israelis is beginning to water down the effect of the much used label.
    Would I put my job on the line, if push come to shove and there was a situation where I would leave myself at an employers mercy by defending the Palestinians right to self determination, is a difficult one.
    Sure, I will criticise Israel to my friends and work colleagues but that isn’t putting my job on the line. If I could manage to sustain myself without the job and make a considerable statement that would highlight the disgusting treatment of Palestinians, it would be easy.
    Losing friends for expressing my view would not be a problem and the anti Semite tag, I could live with. After all, would being called a nasty name compare to the daily abuses, prejudices and murder that the Palestinians endure? We all know the answer to that.
    A serious problem for Zionist critics is the PR that can be used to devastating effect by the pro Israelis.

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