Know Your Zionist Enemy – StandWithUs

The following video gives an introduction to the rabid Zionist organisation, StandWithUs, also known as Israel Emergency Alliance. Although this video is vile propaganda spewed out by the group, it also serves the purpose of fully revealing the sordid agenda of StandWithUs. This video is essential viewing for all pro-Palestinians who wish to know their enemy.

StandWithUs is listed as a pro-Israel education and advocacy group head-quartered in Los Angeles, home of Hollywood. It is said to have an annual budget of approx. $9 million.

StandWithUs was founded in May 2001, when Roz and Jerry Rothstein and Esther Renzer came together with Jewish leaders in the US to develop a means of more effectively and aggressively protecting Israel from legitimate criticism. It has a legal department with more than 140 pro bono attorneys across the US. There are 18 ‘chapters’ in the US, Europe, Canada and Israel, with another to be opened soon in Australia.

In 2009, it is believed that almost 15% of the cartel’s budget was directed to Israel so that as many as 175 students could be trained annually as advocates for Israel.

The Israeli chapter has a close working relationship with the Zionist Federation of Australia and more than 6000 Australians were said to have participated in StandWithUs events in 2010.

StandWithUs is known for strongly targeting the BDS movement as well as any activists associated with that particular pro-Palestinian organization.

After an alliance of Catholic nuns and the group, Jewish Voice for Peace, proposed a resolution calling for an internal investigation of the company Caterpillar in 2005 – whose machinery was (and is) being used to illegally demolish Palestinian homes in the Occupied territories of Palestine – StandWithUs retaliated by calling on its supporters to buy stock in Caterpillar and other firms that do business with Israel. They also spoke out against the proposed resolution at a Caterpillar shareholder meeting.

The group have also made the college campuses of the US a battleground for their Zionist war against humanity. They have created a campus newspaper called Campus Post to better disseminate their vile propaganda.

StandWithUs has continually interfered in the workings of Co-ops across the US to counter the growing movement towards a boycott of Israeli products. they appear to leave no stone unturned in their defence of the indefensible Zionist state.

The truck was accompanied by an inflatable 15 foot Pinocchio holding a sign that said, ‘Roger Waters: We Don’t Need Your Lies About Israel!‘ They also handed out 200 free t-shirts to passersby. They are incredibly well funded.

In a highly cynical manoeuvre, the grubby group has trained US and Canadian student leaders, known as Emerson Fellows, to ‘act as campus emissaries of the Jewish state‘. The program is funded by J. Steve and Rita Emerson and is focused upon ensuring that future influencers within the north American political and business worlds are moving in line with Israeli wants, presumably regardless of the opinions of the international community.

Image result for stand with us

In a report published in October, 2009, it was claimed that StandWithUs has received monies from a ‘web of funders who support organisations that have been accused of anti-Muslim propaganda and encouraging a militant Israeli and US foreign policy in the Middle East’. The group’s response was thus:

‘Radical Islam has impacted the Middle East greatly. All this stuff comes from a very fundamentalist religious position and looking at it does not make you right- or left-wing.’

Co-founder Roz Rothstein has stated that ‘Israel is the only modern state whose right to exist is still questioned. If you consider support for the existence of the Jewish state a right-wing position, then indeed we are right wing.

Make no mistake about it, StandWithUs is a very influential and powerful Zionist lobby group on a par with AIPAC in many ways. It has partnerships with more than 750 other groups worldwide. It is well funded, well organized and extremely determined in its stank aims to promote the rogue state of Israel as a bastion of civil order and decency.

StandWithUs also has links to the celebrity world of Hollywood which are utilized vigorously in their desperate attempts to stop increasing awareness of BDS and the wider pro-Palestinian movement. StandWithUs is a well resourced propaganda outlet and, as such, is a danger to humanitarian efforts to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people of Palestine.

Note: as this piece was being researched the author found it almost impossible to access free-to-use images of StandWithUs. This is in contrast to other public groups for which images are readily available. It would appear that this particular pro-Israeli outfit are hell-bent on preventing anyone outside of their control from portraying them as they truly are i.e. an unethical and immoral Zionist entity.

Boycott StandWithUs

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