Facebook Community Standards Are Double Standards

Any regular users of Facebook will be familiar with the system of blocking that the media giant employs. These methods of punishment are applied based on whether or not users contravene Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’. Unfortunately, the application of such blocks appears to be wholly arbitrary, dependent upon the topic or group targeted. For example, Facebook […]

Jerusalem – Holy City Being Pulled Apart By Zionism

Much of the torrid news emerging from the Palestinian Crisis centers around the holy city of Jerusalem. It is a place with an ancient and storied pedigree, shared by the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is also a place currently in turmoil as Zionism attempts to secure exclusive rights to this […]

Israeli Residents Speak On The New Apartheid Bill

In this brief video, we hear the views of Israeli citizens as they comment upon the new Israeli ‘Nation-state’ bill. This piece of legislation has effectively institutionalized Israeli Apartheid, not only in Western Palestine (aka Israel), but also across the occupied territories. It’s interesting to hear the hardline views of the Jewish Israelis interviewed as […]

Israeli Children Conditioned To Believe Palestine Doesn’t Exist

The policies of the rogue state of Israel are well known by this time. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, intimidation, abductions and state-sponsored murder are all tactics warmly embraced by the Zionist regime as it moves to annex all of Palestine. Yet there is one more strategy that Israel uses in it supremacist approach to Middle East […]

Dareen Tatour Poem – Female Poet Of Resistance

Dareen Tatour is a Palestinian poet recently sentenced to five months in an Israeli prison for posting one of her poems online. This action by the Zionist regime is indicative of increasingly blatant measures instigated by the rogue state of Israel to censor any views that run contrary to their official fascist narrative. Israel is […]

Israeli Persecution Of Palestinians – The Story Of The Tamimi Family

The Tamimi family of the village of Nabi Saleh in the Occupied West Bank is well known for their heroic attempts to resist Israeli oppression and persecution of Palestinians. Perhaps the best known of the clan is Ahed, released from an Israeli prison on Sunday 29th July, 2018, after being disgracefully sentenced for slapping an […]

Palestinian Boy Blinded By Israel

In this short clip, we meet the young Palestinian boy, Hassan Tamimi, who was left blind after the Israeli regime abducted him from the streets on charges of throwing stones, before refusing to allow him his medication. They held him for 2 months. The result was that the child lost his ability to see. His […]

The Tellurian Hammer Of Myth – Poem of Protest

  Here we have a piece of verse that looks at the roles assigned to us even from birth. Whether it be a caste system, social distinctions or income levels, many children are pigeon-holed even before they are born. Societies often have expectations of the place in society that a child will have, and this […]