Palestinian Boy Blinded By Israel

In this short clip, we meet the young Palestinian boy, Hassan Tamimi, who was left blind after the Israeli regime abducted him from the streets on charges of throwing stones, before refusing to allow him his medication. They held him for 2 months. The result was that the child lost his ability to see. His disability is a direct consequence of Israeli apathy and callous disregard for the rights of Palestinian children

This is but one more instance of an Israeli crime against humanity. It’s hard to understand how the world can remain so silent in face of all the evidence that Israel is a rogue state engaged in the systematic torture, persecution and oppression of the people of Palestine. Enough is enough.

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  1. Certainly hard almost impossible to understand the near-dead silence that prevails the globe when it comes to Israel… but it remains a fact such atrocities are made possible only when you have the treacherous among your own ranks… what did the Gazans do to be treated like filth by PA… Mahmud Abbas and the like… after all, Israel came to exist not just as a result of Western Zionist agenda but also as a result of the treacherous collusion of Arabs themselves… each faction eager to please the Western Zionists made a bargain and sold off the Palestinian land… Egypt, Jordan, the Sauds… everyone played their part…

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      1. You are absolutely right Rebel Voice… ‘if the problem is global then the answer must also be global’… people who care and who can differentiate between falsehood and truth must come together from around the globe to build up the critical mass we so desperately need to save humanity… Thank you for your interest in the synopsis on Pakistan Election… honestly, it looks like the two critical provinces (North-West Frontier and Punjab) will sway heavily toward Khan however in the Centre it may be a hung parliament which cannot result either in the formation of a stable government in the Centre nor good enough for legislation – especially with Khan leading a formidable opposition … but then this is all guess work, with as many factors involved and a bureaucratic set up that has been made corrupt over three decades, it is hard to say where this election leads us…

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      2. That is a very interesting observation… yes it certainly appears to be so… ironically the level of international interest is restricted to dissemination of disinformation in the MSM, which essentially exposes the self-involved nature of the interest the Global powers have in Pakistan…

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