Arlo Guthrie & Family Sing Deportees In Tribute To Mary Travers

The song, Deportees, is one of Woody Guthrie‘s most popular. It can be heard in musical sessions across the island of Ireland being made famous by Christy Moore here. It laments the way in which migrant workers, who cross the border from Mexico into the US, are used to harvest the crops before being deported, […]

Yemeni Children – A Lost Generation

As terrible as any armed conflict is, there are additional hidden costs to the societies involved that are often overlooked. As someone who grew up in a war-zone, I have observed and experienced the effects of constant aggression as warring sides fight for supremacy. There is the public face of war; the bombs and bullets; […]

Top 10 Celebrity Racist Moments

Racists are everywhere. Sometimes they’re obvious and often they’re not. They will be found in the ghettos and in the gated communities. Wherever ignorance exists, you will find racism. This includes the entertainment industry. On occasion, comments made by famous people make the news for the inappropriate content. The following list is a look at […]

Top 5 McDonald’s Scandals

The Golden Arches, Micky D’s, a cesspit of culinary toxicity, call it what you will but McDonald’s is everywhere. Most readers will have dined, if that word can be used, at this fast food franchise at some time. But how many have retruned and how many are regular visitors? The following video looks at just […]

Russia’s Worst Serial Killer – An Active Cop At Time Of Murders

Serial killers are creatures so disturbed that most of us (hopefully) have no understanding of what makes them tick. They exist across the world, most of them fitting into society to such an extent that they could well be your next door neighbour. Rebel Voice has always wondered if there are both subtle and blatant  signs that […]

Children Being Trafficked For Sex In The USA Of Today

It’s an epidemic which is lying just under the surface of American society. Child sex traffickers are confidently plying their wares under the noses of the general public. Countless children are being raped and similarly abuse on a daily basis. The problem is a chronic statement upon the deteriorating health of US society. Here is a report on it which deserves to be read and shared.