Jainism – Ancient Religion Of Peace

It has between 4-5 million adherents, most of which live in India. It was believed to have been founded approximately 500 BCE, but the first teacher, or tirthankara, was said to have existed millions of years before that. And the name for each practitioner, Jain, comes from the Sanskrit word, ‘Jina‘, which means victor. Jainism […]

Icelandic Children Excel At Chess In Progressive Teaching Standards

There are many methods employed globally to assist in the teaching of children. Not all are universally accepted as being beneficial. Many could be regarded as fads destined to fade as the next trend emerges. However, in Iceland teachers have begun promoting the game of chess as a progressive learning tool for the young. It’s […]

India’s Apartheid Caste System Under The Spotlight

The caste system is an abhorrent form of discrimination. There’s no other way to view it. Children are marked at birth as inferior based upon their parentage. They are denied opportunities in life. They are marginalized and abandoned. This is India today, but will it be India tomorrow?

Top 10 Musicians Who Died At The Top

It’s a morbid topic,  dwelling on those who shook off their mortal coils far too soon. There is always much talk about the ’27 Club’. But many others didn’t think to jump into that bracket. What we can say is that those who went early were sensitive individuals who found this world to be just […]

Global Obesity – Is USA To Blame?

Junk food is everywhere. Burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, crisps, this crap has slowly poisoned the population of the developed world. Waistlines have expanded to gargantuan proportions, as has the sizes of meals. Now, as people in the West become more aware of the need to eat healthily, fast food corporations are increasingly relying upon foreign […]

Sikhism – India’s Expression

The Indian subcontinent is the birthplace of a number of the world’s great religions and Sikhism is one of them. It’s commonly regarded as a monotheistic faith founded around 1500 by Guru Nanak Dev. He was the first of the ‘Ten Gurus’ or spiritual leaders of the Sikhs. Today, Sikhism has approximately 27 million adherents […]

Top 10 Most Insane Celebrity Rumours

They are the people who keep us talking, some of us anyway. Who is sleeping with who? Who is richest? Who is craziest? Who has biggest house? Who has biggest bum? Who is the biggest bum? The elite of Hollywood have become a form of global royalty taking up massive column inches in all papers. […]