Jewish Anti-Zionist Speaks Out Against Israel

In the ongoing struggle for the rights of the Palestinian people to live in peace and equality, the enemies of such noble aims regularly attempt to portray the search for justice in Palestine as somehow anti-Jewish or, even more inaccurately, anti-Semitic.

This sickening approach by apologists for the Israeli death machine ignores the fact that a) almost all Palestinians are Semites and b) not all Jews are supporters of Israel. Across the globe, most notably in the United States, there is a growing movement among a Jewish population (especially the younger age groups) that refuses to be defined by support for Israeli brutality or, indeed, Zionism.

This burgeoning political position is largely ignored by a Zionist compliant MSM. They wilfully pass by instances of large scale protest by anti-Zionist Jews. If not for the internet, we might never hear of such widespread demonstrations. In places such as New York, Jewish groups such as Neturei Karta (which means “Guardians of the city” in Aramaic) regularly show their opposition to the state of Israel.

The following clip allows us to meet one such anti-Zionist Jew who speaks passionately about the injustice of the rogue Zionist state. It’s important that the voices of all conscientious Jewish people be heard as they give lie to the Zionist charges of both anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism against the Pro-Palestinian movement.

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  1. miguelito3557

    I am Jewish and a Jewish-American lawyer. Nothing foments Antisemitism more than the war crimes committed by hateful Zionists against the Palestinian people and Israel’s complete defiance of the UN and international norms like the Geneva IV Conventions. It has become clear that Israel now wants to declare a “Greater Israel” by increasing its ethnic cleansing campaign. That’s been the reality since 1937, when Ben-Gurion wrote about a “Greater Israel” 11 years before the UN accepted Israeli statehood on condition that a Palestinian state arise at some point. Israel’s support for a two-state solution has always been deceitful. Zionists denigrate longstanding Jewish traditions and values, and are a disgrace to real Jews.

    I don’t care if hazbaras try to label me a self-hater because they’d like to marginalize my opinion. My wrath against Zionist duplicity will not be abated by those unwilling to strive for truth.

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