America’s Forgotten Racism – Nazis In New York

Nazis are usually associated with Germany of the early 20th century. But how many are aware that there was a strong Nazi movement in the USA during the pre-war years? (Some would argue it still exists)

The following article looks at this political anomaly when tens of thousands of pro-Hitler citizens marched through New York and held a huge meeting at Madison Square Garden. Brave journalists, such as columnist Dorothy Thompson, spoke out vociferously against the rising tide of fascism in the US. Thompson also went to the extent of going to the Madison Square Garden meeting to protest. She was removed by police in attendance. She was also banned from Nazi Germany. Thompson is one of the forgotten heroes of the time.

Rebel Voice wonders if the scenes you are about to witness, in the footage from 1930’s New York, have any similarity to those seen today at MAGA rallies. Remember, Donald Trumps’ father, Fred Christ Trump, was a German-American racist in New York during this period. His son, also a New Yorker, seems determined to stir up racial and sectarian hatred. Is it all a coincidence?

Here is a book review that deals with the same issue from that time:

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