Why US Anti-Semites Love Israel, But Would See Every Jew Dead

It’s a strange realisation; to understand that both white racists in the US (who hate Jews), and pro-Israelis (many of whom are Jews) support Trump. How can it be possible, you ask, that two fundamentally opposed groups have found such common ground?

The following article takes us on a brief journey into the wacky world of Zionism. Here we see how those who are anti-Jewish are also pro-Israeli. We learn how pseudo-Christian fundamentalists want a complete Israeli state but only because it will bring about the Rapture when all Jews and other non-Christians will die.

It’s testament to just how screwed up the entire concept of Zionism is when Trump, the ‘Messiah of Zionism’, can attract the admiration of the leaders of the self-declared ‘Jewish state’, whilst simultaneously bringing thousands of right-wing bible-thumpers to his rallies, religious wackos who would see every Jew dead. Strange, very strange indeed.

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