The Empire Files – Trump’s Expansion of The US Empire

In case you missed it the first time, here’s Abby Martin on the expansion of the US Empire.

Rebel Voice

There should be no doubts, at least among those with a clear understanding of global politics, that the United States of America is an Empire. It has every indicator of this political state and shows no signs of stopping its current path of attempted global domination.

Many analysts and commentators have reported on the methods employed by the Empireover the decades. These involve everything from economic sabotage and subsequent intervention, often under the guise of humanitarian aid, to outright military invasion. Sanctions are frequently used as a weapon (Venezuela being the latest arena where this tactic is being deployed) in an effort to bring all nations to heel.

In countries that are officially friendly to the USA, corporations from that nation enjoy virtual monopolies in their varying sectors. One example is the predominance of fast food outlets and coffee chains from the USA. They use their size and…

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