The Empire Files – Trump’s Expansion of The US Empire

There should be no doubts, at least among those with a clear understanding of global politics, that the United States of America is an Empire. It has every indicator of this political state and shows no signs of stopping its current path of attempted global domination.

Many analysts and commentators have reported on the methods employed by the Empire over the decades. These involve everything from economic sabotage and subsequent intervention, often under the guise of humanitarian aid, to outright military invasion. Sanctions are frequently used as a weapon (Venezuela being the latest arena where this tactic is being deployed) in an effort to bring all nations to heel.

In countries that are officially friendly to the USA, corporations from that nation enjoy virtual monopolies in their varying sectors. One example is the predominance of fast food outlets and coffee chains from the USA. They use their size and buying power, gained from decades of machinations in their own nation, to smother any and all opposition in the new territories. This can never be healthy for the societies that they invade.

When a global chain enters a marketplace, they provide poorly paid jobs with no security. After time, they become ingrained in that community and the jobs are needed, poor as they may be. There is often little other choice as citizens become peons of corporate America. That gives global behemoths, such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Burgerking, KFC and McDonald’s tremendous influence, individually, in the affairs of the host state. But try to imagine the power they possess when their weight is combined, as it is when requested by the US Federal Government. They can affect both domestic and foreign policies.

Citizens of the USA may feel that this is simply the way of things and not to be stymied. But no Empire lasts forever, and few last for any length of time, especially in this age. When Empires fall, they fall hard, and the USA will be no different. The economic conditions that some – and we stress some – in the USA benefit from, will eventually cease and that nation will suffer like it never has before. Of course, many within the USA suffer anyway as not everyone, or even most, will reap the rewards of Empire. It was the same for the citizens of the British Empire who were forced to endure poverty as the elite lived fetid lives of luxury.

In the following report, Abby Martin takes a closer look at the expansion of the US Empire under the rule of Trump. The Orange Menace is certainly a senior member of the Establishment, regardless of any remonstrations to the contrary. It is truly amazing that blue-collar workers in the USA would vote for and continue to support such a silver-spooned imbecile. Perhaps that, more than anything, speaks volumes about the devious control that the media, of whatever hue, have upon the minds of the people there.

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