The Mysterious Michael D’Andrea: Was the C.I.A.’s Iran Mission Center Chief Shot Down? — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

By Philip Giraldi Source Last Monday a United States Air Force Bombardier E11A communications and intelligence gathering jet was either shot down or crashed in a remote mountainous region of Afghanistan. Almost immediately a story sourcing Taliban officials ran on Iranian State television claiming that the dead had included Michael D’Andrea, the chief of the […]

Catch 22 – Joseph Heller

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller On the Italian island of Pianosa, close to the end of the Second World War, US air-force captain Yossarian is desperate to be grounded. He’s become convinced that the next bomb raid he undertakes will be the one that kills him. He’s not alone in this. Most of the saner […]

The Empire Files – Trump’s Expansion of The US Empire

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
There should be no doubts, at least among those with a clear understanding of global politics, that the United States of America is an Empire. It has every indicator of this political state and shows no signs of stopping its current path of attempted global domination. Many analysts and commentators…

The Midnight Line – Lee Child Thriller

The Midnight Line by Lee Child Jack Reacher is back on Rebel Voice, and this time he’s caught up in a strange mystery that involves a disappeared soldier, a launderette and a pawn-shop ring. Trust Reacher to find the most troublesome part of the USA. The following review contains some spoilers. As Reacher is walking […]

Seize The Night – Dean Koontz Novel

Seize The Night  by Dean Koontz This is the final Rebel Voice review of a Koontz novel in what has been a binge. Seize The Night is a good one to finish on. Christopher Snow suffers from the rare condition of xeroderma pigmentosum, a debilitating disease in which the carrier is extremely sensitive to light, […]

My Lai – US Atrocity Should Never be Forgotten

It was during the US imperialist intervention of the Vietnam War that one of the most shockingly blatant episodes of more recent US war crimes took place. It was named, The Mỹ Lai Massacre. On 16th March, 1968, that US soldiers from Company C, Ist Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division, murdered 504 […]