The Empire Files – Trump’s Expansion of The US Empire

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
There should be no doubts, at least among those with a clear understanding of global politics, that the United States of America is an Empire. It has every indicator of this political state and shows no signs of stopping its current path of attempted global domination. Many analysts and commentators…

The Kingfisher Secret – Roman-á-clef By Anonymous (2018)

The Kingfisher Secret by Anonymous Grace Elliott is a journalist with a low-end magazine in Canada and is feeling mighty unfulfilled. She yearns for the break that will give her the recognition and acceptance that has long been her dream. During her employment, Grace has managed to cultivate a working relationship with Elena Craig, the […]

Talking About Israel — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

By Philip Giraldi Source A recent article by Andrew Sullivan in the New York magazine considers how one might discuss the issue of Israel and its powerful domestic lobby without being accused of anti-Semitism. Sullivan is a keen observer of the dynamics of American political power and the article pretty clearly lays out why the […]

Jews Stand Against the Smearing of Ilhan Omar + Phyllis Bennis: Ilhan Omar’s Denunciation of Israel Lobby is Not Anti-Semitism — Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Salad By the Editorial Staff Socialist Worker March 6, 2019 Congressional Democrats are attempting to discipline Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for speaking critically about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — and more generally in defense of Palestinian rights — after smearing her as “anti-Semitic.” This comes at the same time that Omar, […] […]

Twisted Prey – John Sandford Thriller

Twisted Prey by John Sandford Lucas Davenport is back, this time in his new role as US Marshal. He gets a call from a serving US Congressman, Porter Smalls, who was the victim of an assassination attempt in which his friend and mistress, Cecily Whitehead, died. Smalls is convinced that the attack was the work […]

Israeli ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ Netanyahu At It Again

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is well known for his elaborate lies and con games. He once testified to a US Congressional Committee that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He lied. He is now employing the same tactic to prepare the way for a war on Iran, who (not coincidentally) have large oil reserves. […]

Victims Of Zionist Injustice – The Holy Land 5

In this episode, Abby Martin looks at the shocking case of 5 men who were imprisoned by the US federal authorities, having been accused of being connected to Hamas. The men were convicted on the basis of the flimsiest of coincidence, whereas in reality they were really only charity workers trying to help the beleaguered […]