The Pogues – The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn [Irish Folk Rock]

The Pogues are a raucous lot. They are the stuff of legend in Ireland and anywhere Irish people assemble, which is a lot of places across the world. Although a Hiberno-English band, their sound is all Irish, as is their attitude. They would be classified as a trad/folk punk band, but are so much more. They can change their sound and tempo to suit. Tracks such as Fairytale of New York, and Lullaby of London are achingly poignant ballads, whilst others such as The Irish Rover, Wild Cats of Kilkenny and this one, The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn are pedal to the metal, rip the ass out of it, Pogues classics.

So, move the living room furniture to the sides and free up some space. Draw the curtains closed so the neighbours can’t see in. Then take off your clothes so they don’t get sweaty, have another deep swig from that bottle of whiskey you keep for special occasions, and then jump like a mad ba**ard around the room until the music ends or you collapse, whichever comes first. Rebel Voice is betting on the latter.

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