John Denver – Moreton Bay (Folk)

This is a lesser known song of the brutalities meted out to the Irish who found themselves transported to the penal colonies in Australia. Many of the airs used in these laments are used time and again, although the fine lyrics negate any boredom with the melody. Here, John Denver tackles the song during a […]

Planxty – The Jolly Beggar (Folk)

Planxty were widely regarded as the foremost folk music act in Ireland of the 70s and early 80s. They were instrumental (and sung a bit as well) in helping to revive the folk scene. bolstering it internationally. Today, their former members can still be heard on the airwaves of Ireland, and Christy Moore is still […]

Irish Folk – Paul Brady Sings The Homes Of Donegal

This haunting song was written by Se√°n McBride, a native of Donegal. It tells of the beauty of his own home area and the desire to always return there no matter how long has passed. This is a common theme in Irish folk music. Mass emigration has had a pronounced effect upon the song writers […]

Irish Folk – Luka Bloom Sings City Of Chicago

Luka Bloom is the less well-known brother of Christy Moore. This is his own song made famous by his big brother. The sound quality is not as good as it could be but Rebel Voice likes the raw edge it gives to the song. The song is a lament of emigration as Irish emigres make […]

The Wolfe Tones – My Heart Is In Ireland

This is a standard of the folk scene in Ireland and wherever the Irish diaspora gather. It’s a lament for the emigrants and their descendants who live around the world. It can be difficult for those from some other nations to fully understand the emotional connections that Irish people have for their place of birth. […]

The Auld Triangle – Luke Kelly And The Dubliners

This song, written by Dicky Shannon for the playwright and revolutionary, Brendan Behan, reflects on the experiences of a prisoner who yearns for freedom. It was first performed in 1954 for the opening of Behan’s play, The Quare Fellow. It has been covered by many artists over the years and is heavily referenced in Stephen […]

Irish Song Of Freedom – Only Our Rivers Run Free

This haunting melody, performed here by Christy Moore, was written by Micky MacConnell¬†(pictured in cover photo) from Fermanagh in the Occupied Six Counties Of Ireland (OSC). The lyrics lament the bondage of colonialism that Ireland has endured for too long. Only Our Rivers Run Free is one of the most popular ballads to be heard […]