Luke Kelly – The Galway Races (Rousing Irish Ballad)

Here is an Irish ballad to get your spirits soaring. It speaks of the famous horse races at Galway that begin on the last Monday of July each year.  It’s there that fortunes are lost and few if any ever made. There are fine ladies galore and drinkers and thinkers and stinkers and creeps. There are singers and whingers and penny-pinchers and dancers and chancers and dreamers and schemers and teasers and pleasers and old rank wheezers with eyes for a wife, usually not their own. It sounds just like any gathering of politicians.

In this offering, the wonderful Luke Kelly, one of Ireland’s best folk singers, takes us on a tour of what you can see if you should venture to attend The Galway Races.

Note: all complaints by the Irish Tourist Board should be addressed to the Dáil as Rebel Voice doesn’t give a flying f**k about your profiteering problems (wink wink).

Here’s another from the magical Luke Kelly:

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