Far-right Extremism In The USA

There has much discussion of late concerning the emergence of the far right in the USA as a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, it would appear that this political position has always been to the fore in US politics, but under various guises that made it less noticeable. The US military and agencies such as the CIA have always been notoriously far right. The old money of the US has long lain in the coffers of families that made their fortune from slavery and racism. The Establishment is well to the right in most matters.

Today, the appearance of more obviously racist, sectarian and discriminatory groups upon the TV screen and computer monitor has merely given face to what has always been there. In this, perhaps the rise in the public profile of groups such as American Freedom Party, Aryan Nations, Creativity Alliance, EURO, Ku Klux Klan, National Alliance and Volksfront serves to shine a spotlight on the wider issue of racism and extreme bigotry.

Donald Trump is from old money. He also courts the Christian fundamentalist vote which, ironically given the Jewish Nazarene to whom they give allegiance, are also largely anti-Semitic, sectarian and racist. His questionable rhetoric has led to a marked increase in Islamophobia, anti-Judaism and xenophobia. It would seem to be a case of the social and economic patterns repeating whereby the monied elite manipulate the marginalized into internecine conflict to better control the populace.

The following short takes us on a tour of white supremacism in the United States of today. Those who wear their racist ink are not the most dangerous by any means. The vilest racists, and the most potent, are the ones in expensive pinstripe suits living in places like the Hamptons, who look upon immigrants with displeasure, unless of course those new arrivals happen to be employed in the poorly paid practice of taking care of the rich man’s plants.

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