Dublin In The Rare Old Times – Luke Kelly Version

This haunting and poignant song laments the changes that have taken place in Ireland’s capital city. Here it is performed by one of the greatest singers to have ever breathed the air of Ireland. Get yourself a tissue before listening to this you soppy so and so’s as you’ll need one. This song will getya right where you’re softest. Enjoyable though.

But what about that Peggy Duignan, the bad piece of work. There’s poor Seán working to court her and build a life together, making barrels for a pittance, and she ups and runs off to Birmingham with a black fella just because she heard a rumour that they have bigger knobs. Jaysus Peggy, but I hope some lassie over there put her hob-nailed boot up yer treacherous hole. Seán was better off without ya, ya brazen hussy!

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