Ralph McTell – First Song [folk]

Here is another timeless classic from one of the best folk-singers of them all. Ralph McTell’s back-catalogue is impressive. Do we see his likes today, or has the era of the folk singer gone to where it sleeps with the blues? If you enjoyed this, please share

Doc Watson – Summertime [Folk]

This is a gentle melody from the blind balladeer. It should help ease you into your day, or sleep, whichever you prefer. Doc’s voice is a joy to behold. – If you care, give it a share –

Eddie Vedder – Rock Ballad – Hard Sun

This solid ballad is accompanied by a video from the wonderful and poignant movie, ‘Into the Wild’, which was based upon a true story and is well worth seeing. – If you enjoyed this, please share –

Dublin In The Rare Old Times – Luke Kelly Version

This haunting and poignant song laments the changes that have taken place in Ireland’s capital city. Here it is performed by one of the greatest singers to have ever breathed the air of Ireland. Get yourself a tissue before listening to this you soppy so and so’s as you’ll need one. This song will getya […]

Doc Watson – US Ballad – Wayfaring Stranger

This is a beautifully haunting ballad from the United States and is an example of what is best about that national behemoth. The US has an impressive musical culture that has become overshadowed by the actions of successive administrations who have plundered and are plundering the world. When the citizens of the US again embrace […]

Irish Song Of Freedom – Only Our Rivers Run Free

This haunting melody, performed here by Christy Moore, was written by Micky MacConnell (pictured in cover photo) from Fermanagh in the Occupied Six Counties Of Ireland (OSC). The lyrics lament the bondage of colonialism that Ireland has endured for too long. Only Our Rivers Run Free is one of the most popular ballads to be heard […]

Fields Of Gold – Various Covers

This timeless classic from Sting has been covered by many artists, famous and not so famous. Here are a few versions. We have left perhaps the best to last. Here Stings performs his song accompanied by the lute (pretentious fucker) (only joking Sting). – If you care, give it a share –

Christmas Songs, And Images From The Holy Land Of Palestine

These videos and images are Christmas presents from Rebel Voice to all our faithful followers. Hope it’s a good one for you all, and please spare a thought for the beleaguered people of the Holy Land, that beautiful and storied place also known as Palestine (from the River to the Sea…). Merry Christmas and Happy […]