Christian Cemetery Again Desecrated By Israelis – Repeated Attacks Sign Of Growing Religious Extremism

The Christian cemetery at Beit Jamal monastery, 30 km west of Jerusalem, has been attacked yet again by Jewish extremists. On 17th October, 2018, vandals entered the property to smash crosses and grave markers in what is being seen as part of the rising tide of anti-Christian and anti-Islamic sentiment across much of the Zionist state.

The same site has been violently attacked on numerous occasions with buildings damaged and statues destroyed. Beit Jamal monastery sits close to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish settlement of Beit Shemesh, and it’s feared that extremist elements within that community are perpetuating the destruction. A spokesperson for the Christian Church has noted that as no one has ever been arrested for previous attacks, they don’t hold out much hope that the culprits will be apprehended this time either.

In 2013, firebombs were tossed at the monastery and graffiti, which included, ‘price tag’ and ‘death to the Gentiles’, was sprayed in hallways . Many observers have commented that since Netanyahu’s rise to prominence, such hate crimes are becoming more prevalent as the bitterness within Israeli’s Jewish majority spills out into wider society, materializing in attacks on other religions and their customs and practices.

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