Palestine Cover Of Me, Myself And I

This is a fairly decent cover of the popular song with lyrics relevant to the oppressed people of Palestine. So long as Palestinians can sing of freedom, they will be free.  – If you care, please give it a share –

Early Irish Feminists With Holy Fire In Their Blood

Saint Moninne of Killeavey was one of Ireland’s earliest female saints. After vigorous instruction in the religious life, she founded a community, initially consisting of eight virgins and a widow with a baby, at Slieve Gullion, in what became, under the later colonial administration, County Armagh. They lived a reclusive life on the slopes of […]

Celebrity Hypocrisy? Stars Dripping In Gold

They wear jewelry worth millions and speak of Jesus and his gracious help to them in their lives. But are the celebrities who adorn themselves in decadent splendor hypocrites of the worst kind, or are they merely misunderstood?