The Pogues – Streams Of Whiskey

The Pogues are at it again in this song. They are the connoisseurs of drunken commentary. Rebel Voice, being an Irish-based site, could not of course condone such drunken revelry… ahem… but stands by the right of others to engage in this behaviour so long as they don’t fall on you. This is but one […]

The Pogues – Star Of The County Down [Irish Folk Rock]

Here is The Pogues’ version of the popular and lively Ulster ballad. Needless to say, it’s a rollicking take on a classic tune from a land full of the same. Go easy on the whiskey when listening to this, though, as Rebel Voice does not want you to waken up in a strange bed with […]

The Pogues – White City [Irish Folk Rock]

Here’s another classic from the Hiberno-English trad-rock band that shook the Establishment in the eighties and nineties. Rebel Voice wishes it to be known that the lead singer of this group finally got new teeth! If you enjoyed this, please share

Lisa O’Neill – Rock The Machine [Irish Folk Music]

This ballad by the Cavan singer-songwriter, Lisa O’Neill, speaks of the way in which machines are replacing people without improving anyone’s lives. We could be forgiven for thinking that increased mechanization is going to create a new society where technology does all the work and we can enjoy a life of leisure. Sadly, and at […]

The Pogues – A Pair Of Brown Eyes [Irish Folk Rock]

This is a haunting ballad about a dog. OK, so you might wonder why go to all the bother for a mutt, but Michael JacksonĀ sung one about a pet rat (Ben), so Rebel Voice prefers this one about man’s – and woman’s – best friend. Keep the tissues close… If you enjoyed this, please share

The Pogues- Sally MacLennane [Irish Folk Music]

This is one of the more raucous tracks from a band with a very rowdy history. It has been sung with gusto by many an Irishman who has imbibed more than his fair share of whiskey. On such occasions, the menfolk of Ireland tend to believe that they sound like an Irish version of Andrea […]

The Pogues – Misty Morning Albert Bridge (Irish Trad Rock)

The Pogues are a Hiberno-English band who stand as one of the greatest musical acts to (almost) come out of Ireland. Their lead vocalist, and Rebel Voice uses that term loosely, is possibly the finest song-writer of all time. Leonard Cohen could only wish to be as good as Shane MacGowan. This ballad is another […]

The Pogues – The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn [Irish Folk Rock]

The Pogues are a raucous lot. They are the stuff of legend in Ireland and anywhere Irish people assemble, which is a lot of places across the world. Although a Hiberno-English band, their sound is all Irish, as is their attitude. They would be classified as a trad/folk punk band, but are so much more. […]

The Pogues – Trad Punk – Fiesta

No one can accuse The Pogues of being one-dimensional as this song shows. They change their sound entirely here but not the energy they normally display. Fiesta is a good example of a very skilled band who are vastly under-rated outside of Ireland. – If you enjoyed this, please share –

The Pogues – Dirty Old Town [Trad Punk]

Here is a gentle ballad from one of the most energetic of all musical acts. It’s a poignant song of homecoming probably understood by all who have left their places of birth only to return many years later to recall their childhood. Not all memories are good ones. Perhaps they could be chopped down as […]

The Pogues – Punk Trad – If I Should Fall From Grace With God

OK, loosen your legs and get ready to throw a few shapes across the kitchen floor with this storming track from the masters of Trad Punk, The Pogues. It’s short but incredibly sweet and should get in your fine fetter for cartwheels across your granny’s front garden. – If you enjoyed this, please share –