The Pogues – Punk Trad – Summer In Siam

The Pogues were one of the greatest bands ever to have nearly emerged from Ireland. They could be more accurately described as Hiberno-English but their musical hearts are Irish entirely. MacGowan is a fierce Irish Nationalist/Republican who sports a strong London accent. But whatever nationality he is, he’s a musical genius responsible for some of […]

Bagpipes And Uilleann Pipes In Duet

Here we have a combination of the pipes of Ireland and the pipes of Scotland as they play a selection of tunes for your pleasure. The ties between these two Gaelic nations run deep and stand strong. Hopefully both will soon find the freedom so long denied them. – If you care, give it a […]

The Waterboys – A Man Is In Love

The Waterboys were one of the bands who saved the eighties when popular music was completely shit in the Celtic Isles. The lyrics in this classic are the type of poetry that Bob Dylan only wishes he was capable of.

The Pogues – Thousands Are Sailing

A haunting ballad from one of the greatest bands of all time. This song evokes the memories of all those who were failed by the authorities in Ireland, be those authorities colonial or Irish. Millions have been forced to emigrate due to unnecessary hardships and deprivations in our beautiful land, from before the Famine, during […]