Top 10 Famous People With High IQ’s – Mensa Members And Wannabes

A regular contributor to this site once said, ‘Mensa is an organisation for those with a high IQ, but which is being run by idiots’. Hmm, quite a claim and one which Rebel Voice will take lightly, although the commentator was once a member of that organisation so perhaps there’s something to it after all. The short video that follows looks at those celebrities who have, or are believed to have, a very high IQ. Some, such as Geena Davis, are in Mensa. Others are believed to be eligible for membership based on their alleged IQ.

For those who care, membership to Mensa, which was founded by a snobby Brit and a disgruntled Aussie in England in 1946, is open to those who test in the top 2% of the population. Rebel Voice understands that currently that equates to 132 on the Stanford–Binet test whilst a score of 148 is necessary on the Cattell exam. So when you read reports of someone with an IQ of 160, as there are in the list of this feature, it’s important to know which scale they have been tested on. The IQ average is said to be 100. Data just in shows that in Washington DC that number drops to 12. Huh! Who would have thunk it?

So have a look at some of those who are famous and really clever. Rebel Voice wonders how many you would have figured to be uber-intelligent? Note: Kim Kardashian doesn’t make the list. An error perhaps?

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