Ilan Pappé And Max Blumenthal Speak About Israeli Crimes

This is the second part of the Max Blumenthal interview with the noted historian and political activist, Ilan Pappé. In this chapter, Pappé discusses his own experiences and observations of the Israeli state and its military rule across Palestine.

Pappé always provides interesting insight into the Zionist apparatus used to subdue any resistance to the rogue state of Israel, as well as the means employed by the Zionist regime to legally permit such criminal Israeli activity to continue unabated.

He points out the methods that the Israelis use to permanently acquire the Occupied Territories, whilst successfully hoodwinking the rest of the world as to their intent. Pappé claims that the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem constitute the largest prison in the world. The people are hemmed in in much the same way as those in Gaza, but on a larger scale. There is much merit in Pappé’s words.

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