Palestine – Khan Al-Ahmar resident: ‘We are imprisoned here’

Abu Khamees was born in Khan Al-Ahmar some 52 years ago. His parents, Palestinian Al-Jahhalin Bedouins, moved to the village, which is now threatened with demolition by Israeli occupation forces, after being forcibly displaced from Tell Erad in 1951 to make way for the expansion of Israel. The family chose this site because from here… via […]

Ilan Pappé And Max Blumenthal Speak About Israeli Crimes

This is the second part of the Max Blumenthal interview with the noted historian and political activist, Ilan Pappé. In this chapter, Pappé discusses his own experiences and observations of the Israeli state and its military rule across Palestine. Pappé always provides interesting insight into the Zionist apparatus used to subdue any resistance to the […]