India Looks Left For Justice

The entire nation of India needs to follow the lead of its Kerala State, as demonstrated in the article from teleSur below. The living conditions for many in the world’s second most populous nation are horrendous.

The caste system is a despicable method of discriminating against the innocent. India has enough food and natural resources, yet a massive number of its citizens live in dire poverty. Rape is widespread, and women are demeaned as a standard.

Yet, it is the treatment of the children of India that should most concern the good people of the world. The abuse of the young in this nation, whilst sadly not unusual among such political entities, is certainly on a scale rarely observed elsewhere.

India needs a true revolution led by its working class, which will fight to a conclusion that ensures that equality is the norm, and child welfare is the top priority.

India needs to become Childcentric.

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