Children Taught Self-defence In India’s Slums

This is a great program that has been started in India by those who care about children’s welfare. Martial arts classes are being provided for all the young, including those who might not be able to access them otherwise, due to financial constraints. Training children in this way is beneficial in many ways. It creates […]

Three Children Starve To Death In India

When Rebel Voice reads about children that have died from avoidable causes, a wave of despair washes over this site. In Ireland, children are becoming obese because their (often financially strapped) parents feed them cheap processed crap, and don’t take the time to go outside to enjoy nature and partake in exercise. Additionally, food products […]

Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up

The lyrics of this track are perhaps a tad soppy (really soppy) but the sentiment is noble. Rebel Voice wonders if ole Petey had a root when he was holding Kate so closely during the video shoot. She’s very desirable. Perhaps that says more about Rebel Voice than it ever could about Peter Gabriel. The […]

US – Worse Cities To Live

This brief list covers 12 US cities that are considered fairly inhospitable for a number of reasons. The footage of urban decay here is shocking. Detroit and Camden appear to be wastelands in large parts. New Orleans is a toxic dump. Poverty and homelessness is rife. This is the truth about the Capitalist system under […]

India Looks Left For Justice

The entire nation of India needs to follow the lead of its Kerala State, as demonstrated in the article from teleSur below. The living conditions for many in the world’s second most populous nation are horrendous. The caste system is a despicable method of discriminating against the innocent. India has enough food and natural resources, […]