Children Taught Self-defence In India’s Slums

This is a great program that has been started in India by those who care about children’s welfare. Martial arts classes are being provided for all the young, including those who might not be able to access them otherwise, due to financial constraints.

Training children in this way is beneficial in many ways. It creates a sense of community and friendship among those taking part. It also improves confidence levels among children who might lack such, perhaps due to their family backgrounds – the caste system still posing a problem with institutionalized discrimination the unfortunate norm. Being proficient in a martial art gives children a better sense of self-esteem. Of course, it also assists in improving physical health which is always desirable.

There is, however, yet another issue in which being able to defend yourself is a priority. In India females are at grave risk from physical and sexual abuse. It is a social problem which has received much publicity of late. Training young girls to defend themselves may help to save their lives in future and could act as a deterrent to those vile creatures who would attempt to harm them. The training will also provide some protections for vulnerable young boys, also the victims of abuse.

All-in-all, taking the initiative and providing self-defence training for children is a progressive and noble idea that is to be commended. Rebel Voice hopes that the programs are expanded across the land, and continue for a long time. India, and most especially her children, will be the better for it.

If you care about this issue, please tell others

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