Three Children Starve To Death In India

When Rebel Voice reads about children that have died from avoidable causes, a wave of despair washes over this site. In Ireland, children are becoming obese because their (often financially strapped) parents feed them cheap processed crap, and don’t take the time to go outside to enjoy nature and partake in exercise. Additionally, food products are increasingly full of chemicals that endanger the health of child and adult alike.

Then a story appears where a child somewhere has starved to death. What words are there to deal with such a crime? As groceries are being destroyed by supermarkets rather than give them to the needy, we hear about the death of the young from lack of food.

Having a conscience can be a burden, but it is one that we all should wish to carry. If anyone can read about Mansi, 8, Shikha, 4, and Parul, 2, and then go about their daily life as if nothing has happened, then perhaps there is little hope for them. It costs nothing to spare even a thought and, if you are religious, a prayer for these tiny victims of a world that is completely ill-divided and f**king mad.

This story is a sickening indictment of our entire species. Some among us prey upon the rest like parasites. They are a very small number who cause untold harm to humanity. The rest, the majority, allow it to happen. If they didn’t, there would be no children in India or anywhere else starving to death, or dying of thirst, or neglect, or physical or sexual abuse. We would all have a good place to live. This story has made Rebel Voice sick.

Apathy is killing us, some quicker than others. Try to do what you can whenever you can. It all matters to someone.

If you care about this issue, please tell others

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  1. Absolutely loved the write up from you Rebel Voice… this is one story out of countless that you have come across…. there are many more here in the entire Indian sub-continent not just India alone… a huge section of the population in this part of the world does not know if and when they would have food on the table next… that is the bitter reality we in the Third World live with on a daily basis… many of us do as much as we can in our personal capacity by way of charity but it is not enough… the magnitude of the issue is such that governmental intervention is required to deal with it… and then to think of all the food that goes waste in rich countries… its such a sad state of affairs for humanity…

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