Irish Free Stateism = Capitalism

As calls for a border poll grow in strength in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland, the reasons for the partition of the Irish nation are coming under close scrutiny like never before. Rebel Voice is taking a look at this catastrophic event as it approaches its centenary.

Partition in Ireland, in 1922, was made possible because a large portion of the adult population of the twenty-six counties readily agreed to it. By accepting the illegal, undemocratic and immoral division of our national territory, Free Staters effectively turned their backs upon hundreds of thousands of Nationalist men, women and children in the Occupied Six Counties, abandoning them to their sorry fate at the hands of a vindictive, supremacist, colonial, Unionist regime.

This action was the single greatest act of treachery perpetrated by one group of Irish people upon another. Yet academics and others attempt to play down the perfidious conduct of Free Staters, spinning it as somehow necessary. In a house fire, do members of a family abandon their siblings to their fiery fate, or do they risk all in an attempt to save their kin?

Such a mind-set, as evidenced by Free Stateism, corresponds perfectly with that of consummate Capitalism. This is a psychology that is wholly preoccupied with personal gain, regardless of any negative consequences to others. This dog-eat-dog mentality, which epitomises Capitalism, could be clearly observed during the terror of the Celtic (papier-mâché) Tiger, when property fever fuelled ever greater greed among a starved populace. The ruthless ambition associated with the Capitalist mind tore society to pieces, and today it is only misplaced pride, and shame at having failed, that prevents the full horror of the results of that sickening episode from being truly seen.

The consequences of Free State treachery, however, were much easier to fully appreciate. Discrimination, sectarian bigotry, state brutality, injustice and slaughter inflicted upon oppressed Nationalists was blatant, endemic and systemic. Yet still the Free Staters turned their backs to look after their own selfish needs, to the point where they condemned the use of physical force by northern Nationalists in defence of their human rights and lives, conveniently forgetting that the Free State did not win its measure of guilt-laden pseudo-freedom by pushing flowers into the barrels of British Army rifles.

It is this guilt, carried from their past, which causes such resentment to emanate from the Free State towards six county Nationalists (and Republicans in particular). We are a reminder of the despicable behaviour of their ancestors. We stand as testament to the deceit and betrayal that permeates the very fabric of the Irish Free State. Every civil and political structure they have built is constructed upon the suffering of their fellow countrymen and women, people cast out to appease the loathsome selfishness that is Free Stateism.

Whether it is the continuing sin of partition or the modern greed of the Celtic Tiger, the Free State/Capitalist mind is alive and well and to the fore. Sadly, it is an attitude that is infectious (appealing as it does to the baser desires of humanity) and spreading. This plague is facilitated and exacerbated by the insidious influence of Tory Britain and, of course, Capitalist Central, namely the United States.

Unless the people of Ireland waken up to the truth, and then move immediately and fully to action, then the current negative downward spiral will continue unabated. We will maintain our painful descent into serfdom, all the while being reassured by the Capitalist controlled media that it is all for our own good.

Rebel Voice can’t help but wonder, and worry, about what type of legacy our apathy, fear, confusion and institutionalized working-class low self-esteem will bequeath to future generations.

The World turns, as does the cycle of slave-master and servitude.

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