Bonfires Of Unionist Vanities

Recent news of the seizure of bonfire material for Republican pyres to commemorate the introduction of internment in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) in 1971, has served to highlight the great injustice that still exists at the heart of the sectarian statelet here. In the period from 2011 until 2011, the NIEA (OSC Environmental Agency) […]

Hate the Uniform, Not the Man

Recently, I had cause to recall an incident from my youth (not today or yesterday) when I encountered a member of the British Army who was stationed at that time in my home region of the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland. It was a summer weekend and I was in Cookstown, a small, politically-mixed […]

Irish Free Stateism = Capitalism

As calls for a border poll grow in strength in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland, the reasons for the partition of the Irish nation are coming under close scrutiny like never before. Rebel Voice is taking a look at this catastrophic event as it approaches its centenary. Partition in Ireland, in 1922, was made […]

Irish Church and State – Wedded In Catholic Corruption

At a time when the common consensus appears to (thankfully) be that society must move on from the sectarian divisions that have ruptured Ireland for centuries, it seems that there are still those who are determined to remain wedded to, if not mired in, the antiquated mind-sets that still aggressively promote a particular theology. Take […]